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Price will be discussed upon booking

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Coaching and Healing


  • Transform Confusion

  • Quantum Healing

  • Channel miracles

High-performance Coaching, followed by channeled healing, for 75 minutes.

Ruqaya will intuitively heal the places in your deep consciousness where your mindset could be adjusted for greater harmony. This is the part of the session that will bring Ruqaya's Masterwork in Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques into the session, and help you come up with your own answers to reach new levels of your thinking.

A feeling of rejuvenation, feeling lighter; More empowered to change your way of thinking, and thus, your life. Breaking the cycle of negative thoughts leading to negative results. Start to see miracles after this session as your life begins to shift.

All sessions and classes will be done over zoom.

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Quantum Healing (Tune-Up)


  • Overcome what is blocking you

  • Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional healing

  • Experience harmony & divine intervention

Quantum healing, the initiation into taking charge of your own state.


This 60-minute session starts with you sharing what needs to be healed in your life. Think of one specific issue that plagues you, and share openly what that is. We will access the energy level of the body to target any ailment or blockages that could have caused the physical ailment or mental limitation. With visualizations of specific healing energy, we will release what is not ours and put the power back into your hands.


Targeted healing; instant relief from what is bothering you. A clearer idea of the happiness ahead for you for greater manifestation and possibilities.

All sessions and classes will be done over zoom.

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Essential Awakening Training Workshop

4 x 90min sessions

  • Master your mind and create your reality

  • Connect with your own natural intuition for a constant state of flow

Alpha State Mind Training.

The steps to get to Alpha state are methodical and precise, and yet they bring impeccable results. In this workshop set, you will be guided through those steps, and learn the path to a permanent state of meditation.

Presence; You will find yourself more able to live in the now. Accessing a permanent state of meditation; you will not be susceptible to small stressors. A more peaceful and measured mindset; less quick to anger and hastier to understanding. You will be in a state of flow and learn how to access your intuition. This is the process to become a master of your reality and step into your power to greater impact the world.

All sessions and classes will be done over zoom.

Chakra Balancing


  • Unblocking of Chakras

  • Fine-tuning Energy Centres

  • Overcome Physical and Spiritual Ailments

Ruqaya uses her wide experience and wisdom in natural healing in order to fine-tune your energy centres in the body. An observant and conscious approach will be taken to explore the 7 chakras along your spine, through mindful and meditative methods. Ruqaya uses a careful and respectful approach working from the root and all the way up to the crown, once chakra at a time. During and after this 30 minute session, you can expect to feel a positive response to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Energy will be able to flow freely through your body and mind releasing any stagnation and spiritual or physical ailments. After one session, you will experience the phenomenal power in having balanced and colourful energy centres. All sessions and classes will be done over Zoom.


12 Month Commitment

Please take note...

Group and couple sessions are also available.

For long-term clients, please contact me.

South African clients are welcome to request bookings.

Please email me to set up an appointment.

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