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Ruqaya Kalla is a successful and prosperous entrepreneur and an intuitive and holistic healer. She has spent years expanding her wisdom and training across the globe with some of the most prominent leaders in the personal growth sphere. In addition to specializing in neuro linguistic programming, personal growth coaching and fascia balancing, Ruqaya is a certified body talk practitioner and access bars facilitator.


With a flourishing practice as a life coach for both adults and children, Ruqaya finds a connection in her success, to her ongoing devotion to always acquiring new ideas, theories and practices. This allows for her methods of healing and coaching to always be motivated by the leading research in her field. 

Ruqaya has found her purpose in nourishing lives, one by one. With her guidance and generosity, one can be expected to find the path to inner peace and spiritual or physical healing.


When she is not researching or with clients, Ruqaya can be found exploring new and fruitful locations on our sacred Mother Earth. Living by the mantra that travel is the only thing that costs money but leaves you richer, Ruqaya models a passion-filled life to her clients. Her wish for you? Live your most beautiful life every. single. day.

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