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The Conscious Evolutionary

About Preview

Ruqaya Kalla is a successful and prosperous entrepreneur and an intuitive and holistic healer. She has spent years expanding her wisdom and training across the globe with some of the most prominent leaders in the personal growth sphere. In addition to specializing in neuro linguistic programming, personal growth coaching and fascia balancing, Ruqaya is a certified body talk practitioner and access bars facilitator...

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Bryant Wood (Modern Nirvana)

One of the most educated healers in the space, a true genius mind. To be coached by her will harmonize you with your greatest becoming.


J.B. Owen

Ruqaya has a gift like few others. Her ability to help, heal, and bring harmony to your life is exceptional. My time working with her has made a huge difference in my family and I have seen incredible improvements from her work. Her kind, genuine, and caring nature makes working with her both fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend her services and I will return again and again to enjoy and benefit from her skills.


She works with a patience found very rarely on this planet - a true strong and special soul


South Africa, Dubai, New York

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